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Japanese Maples
Cercis "Hearts of Gold"

Historically B&B has been our 'bread and butter'.  We hand dig all of our plants and have found that amonia treated burlap and sisal twine works best for our product and customers.  Primarily all of our plants are available in this format.


We start our bareroot from a small potted liner and then typically grow it for 2 to 3 years before we harvest.  These plants are good for lining out fields or going directly to pots.  We have a limited amount of product available in this format.


Our container yard is expanding and we are adding new varieties every year.  We are working towards offering a full line of product to support the needs of a garden center.


Our plants start as a bareroot liner that we select for uniformity and quality and then finish it in a container.


We are always looking to improve our quality and consistency.


Here at Ekstrom & Schmidt Nursery we typically propagate about 25% of our plants for production.  Jim leads us in this area with his 40 years of experience and envolvement with the IPPS.  We currently have one greenhouse dedicated to summer softwood cuttings that we also later use for a small amount of winter cuttings as well.  We also graft a wide variety of japanese maples.   Late summer is always busy as we field bud our seedlings.  We are always looking for ways to improve and  are excited to find new plants to propagate that our customers are looking for.

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